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LABServices offers product sample storage and distribution to domestic and international locations.  IATA- and 49 CFR DOT-certified staff, experienced in pesticide products and formulations, efficiently ship and distribute products upon request while maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventories.  This service provides a knowledgable and reliable outsource option for this critical R&D function.

  • Operating under an EPA Establishment number.
  • Samples can be shipped within 24 hours to USA or international destinations, including Europe, the Middle East, South America, Canada, and Asia.
  • Carriers are capable of overnight delivery.
  • Services available for GLP and efficacy; technical, analytical, and reference standards and archiving.
  • Individually track packages and provide chain-of-custody documentation.
  • Custom sample sizes are available for efficient use of products in limited supply.
  • Convenient sample sizes prepared from commercial packaging for demonstration and grower trials.
  • Commercially available pesticides or adjuvants supplied as standards for in-house efficacy or formulation-development activities.
  • Customized container labels.
  • Returned samples can be archived or consolidated for disposal.
  • R&D samples labeled with client corporate deisignation or assigne LABS code number for complete confidentiality/anonymity.
Photo by Matt Hughes
Photo by Matt Hughes